About Us

The Mission

To build community through sharing great meals with all walks of life.

How It Works

A local and talented Chef composes a high quality and balanced meal for a local shelter or organization of their choice. The Chef's and other volunteers from their restaurant will then join the residents of the shelter in eating the dinner that they have thoughtfully prepared.



A Word From One of Our Founders

There is a world waiting for us, one where we don't have to lock our doors or have codes to our bank accounts. A world where women and men stand in equality. A world where we don't see skin color, or clothing label, job title or sexuality but we see inner beauty and potential, depth and light. There is a tomorrow where we won't have to warn our children about being touched inappropriately or check their candy on Halloween, and a day when we don't have to fear walking alone past a certain time and people won't have to dress "accordingly" to avoid being targets of violence. There is a world, an attainable world where we live out of love instead of fear, where compromise tears away resentments and hate becomes the defeated villain of our dark and distant past. This tomorrow, this future becomes a reality when community becomes our priority today. And it starts, we as Chefs Without Kitchens believe around the dinner table. When we break bread, when we hear each others stories, when we laugh at the same jokes, tear up at the same tragedies and savor the same flavors on our tongues, we inevitably break down the walls we have built around our hearts. The them's become us, the you's become me and the stereotypes that keep us at arms distance are ripped away by the flesh of humanity that stares back at us across the dining room table. By penetrating communities seemingly unlike our own tribe we are reconciled with our own personal flourishing by the recognition of our interdependence. By seeing the man we're sharing a meal with as human, as son, as friend, as someone that has a past and a present and a future, and in him seeing us as a child of someone, as a confidant and as someone with a rich and meaningful story we no longer sit at a table as strangers but we become a part of a community. A community bigger than a neighborhood, a state or even a country. We become a part of a universal community built in love and on a foundation of our similarities rather than our differences. A community where we see each other's survival as essential to our own. This is the community that is our hope not just of a better tomorrow but of any tomorrow at all. When we reach this height of interdependence their will no longer be selfishness or self sacrifice because we will constantly meet one another's needs and others will likewise come flocking to our own aide. There will not be hungry men on the streets because we will see him as our brother and we will shelter him and feed him as our own. Women will not be victimized because they will not be seen as objects but as human and sister and mother. Chefs Without Kitchens is not the end all to all of  the problems and brokenness of our world, but I believe it is where we begin. When different faces, shapes, sizes, colors, religions, genders and political perspectives come together for no ulterior motive than to love one another, share incredible food and experience community, a positive and overwhelming change begins to take place in our own hearts and lives and this is where we believe dialogue and strategy for our future begin.